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Insta-piration @officialkeef

I take my styling inspiration from many varied sources: fashion, art, history, music. Nothing inspires me more on a daily basis than Rock ‘n’ Roll. Especially men rockers and most especially, the icon of all icons: Keith Richards. He has been a style icon his whole life and I love looking back on his younger days to marvel at how many trends have come from his looks. Since the 1960s, Keith Richards has embraced, integrated and exuded the use of color — lots of color and all at once — wearing five times the recommended dose of accessories, mixing vintage and current pieces and even mixing menswear and his “bird’s” scarves, pants and tops for a feminine touch. And his girlfriends would wear hi

Warning: Vacation Shopping

It’s always fun to pick up a few things on vacation that will remind you of the place you went and how much fun you had. Pottery from Mexico, a sarong from the Grecian isles, some EVO from Tuscany or wine from Napa. Good times! Upon meeting clients for the first time and working with them to better curate their closets, I can often find pieces that hold a lot of nostalgia for them that they are unable to part with but do not fit into their lives or their personal styles at all! So, vacationers, weekenders, here is my advice to you. When you go shopping, think of yourself (just for one moment) back in your regular life: working at your desk, taking the kids to school, going to the grocery sto

Beware Too Much of a Good (Old) Thing

Remember the deep V sweaters from the 80s? Worn with leggings or stirrup pants and maybe even leg warmers. A flashback to Flashdance, for sure. And the oversized menswear jackets of the 90s? Well, they’re baaaack! We have, throughout history, always taken inspiration from the past and now is no exception. It may come as a big surprise when a style you remember from high school comes back to haunt you, but I am here to tell you that you can make it work if you do it right. First off, never — and I really mean never here — wear a resurgent trend from head to toe... unless it’s Halloween (ah, note to self that you can get some pretty good costumes for a retro costume in stores right now!). But

The Graphic Tee

I'm not sure if you know this or not, but the Graphic Tee is the hottest thing going on in fashion right now. From a $19 thrift shop find to a $450 high end fashion piece, the Graphic Tee is everywhere. Men and women are wearing them with a slim jean, under a classic blazer or even with a dark suit. The right pairing can make some of your classics more edgy, more current, more sexy. A word of caution: the Graphic Tee is NOT the one you earned in your most recent 5K race. It is not a promotional tee that someone gave you hoping you might do some free advertising for them. Think of it this way. Who's your favorite band? The Stones? Are you a friend to the animals? PETA? What's your sign? Aries

How Long Do I Keep It? What Should I Keep?

The older clothes in your closet fall into three categories: 1) true vintage pieces, 2) classics that might come back and 3) things that must go. But how do you know which is which? With any client, I love to start in their closet first, if possible. (But since my clientele come from all over the world, that's not always possible.) There I can help figure out what to keep, what should go and what else is needed to flesh out the wardrobe. Get Rid of It: This is a good place to start. Shoes have a shelf life and once it's over, it's over. So, if they're worn out or out of style, it's time for them to go. Men's suits are the same. They are never worth saving once they have outlived their thread

The Essential T-Shirt Bra

Ladies, let's start here. If you haven't bought a bra in the past year, you are six months overdue. The good news is that great bras exist at every price point in hundreds of styles. Does that make you feel happy? Or lost? If you are lost, you are not alone. Finding a good bra -- the right one for you -- can be tricky. Hopefully, you have a store with a fantastic fitter. If you do, hold on to her. They are few and far between. If you don't, let me know and we can start with this completely, undeniable, essential piece of your wardrobe. First off, let's face it. The t-shirt is an important part of every wardrobe. From a casual day on the town with the perfect jeans to a night out under a sign

Does My Belt Have to Match My Shoes?

Gents. This one's for you. And the simple answer is "yes!" Of course, some mixing and matching is allowed, but is in the "don't try this at home" category. It is as tricky as walking on a high wire and if you really want to know, let me be your safety net. Otherwise, stay on the safe side and heed this advice. For work. Simple, easy, classic. With a suit. Black shoes and a black belt. You can't go wrong. Same goes for an interview. This is not the time to mess around. If you're getting dressy, you can do a polished black shoe and a black skin belt (snake, lizard, etc). Mmmm. But still close to the line. Browns, because they are harder to match, can be mixed. But keep them close and do what y

Nip Tuck

It’s not what you think. I am not suggesting anything permanent. And I think you are beautiful just the way you are. But you could probably use a little help from me on the tuck. The tuck is one of the most critical decisions in your style; a decision you need to make every day. And it’s something that nearly everyone gets wrong. I am here to help. Guys, guess what? The powers that be have re-designed the sport shirt! First off, let’s be clear. The sport shirt is not something you wear to a Rangers game and it is not something you wear on a run. The sport shirt is made of a woven material (not a polo knit), buttons down the front (via a placket) and has a collar (many options here). Now that

Sexy Librarians & Chic Geeks

Sometimes it’s a good idea to leave the contacts in the dressing room and to don a pair of glasses that frame your face just right. Maybe it’s your mood. Maybe you’re heading to the newly redesigned Fairfax on West 10th with your laptop to take care of billing or to start writing your new book. You know you’re gonna turn some heads. Striking. Here’s the good news. Mass innovation in the eyewear industry gives you the gift of looking like you spent a fortune when you didn’t. I know all the best places and can help you find a frame that is stylish and fits your face just right. Everyone is different — square, round, rectangular, oval. And everyone has a preference — metal, frameless, browns, b

Work It Out

Maybe you don’t give a lot of thought to what you wear to work out, but you should. It won’t only impact the way you look, but could give your workout the lift and muscle it needs. One thing that’s nice about workout gear is this: there’s great stuff available at every price point. So you can splurge or be thrifty about it and still win. Let’s start with the no-nos. Schlubby, loose-fitting, oversized loungewear is at the top of the list. By definition, loungewear is for lounging in and if you wear it to work out, you are sending a slow, relaxed, sleepy message to your fitness self. So, wear that stuff around the house if you must, but throw it in the hamper when it’s time to hit the gym. Add

Clé D'Or's Top Instas This (Fashion) Week in Paree

It’s impossible to go Insta this week without focusing the binoculars on Paris. Paris Fashion Week is the pinnacle of inspiration and while I draw my own from art, culture, music, fashion, nature and even food, this week’s focus is unavoidable. So, follow, follow, follow and don’t forget to look back at some of these accounts’ most recent hottest posts. @YSL can’t say anything about watching the Eiffel Tower runway show that you can’t feel by watching it. It's passion. It’s hot. It’s chilling. @Dior the drama and the elegance are hard to beat @Cartier playing around with a fun and youthful approach It’s never bad to immerse yourself in Paris! But if you're not feeling it, try this: @badgal

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