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Party Time, Gents!

If your partner is going all blinged out to an upcoming party, it’s time to step up your game. Please, if your love is putting on a really good show, don’t just reach into your closet for a favorite checked shirt that you will then enhance with a half-zipped mock turtleneck. Are you cringing? Because this is what you were thinking? And it’s what you wore to the last party? I know that sometimes the choices or what to choose can be overwhelming, but let’s break this down into something simple, OK? Trust me, it is not hard to to just a little bit better. Let’s start with velvet. A velvet jacket. YES!! Over slim jeans. YES!! Such a nice balance. Right? Not trying too hard. And you can wear tha

Your Winter To Do List

I know you are busy finishing up that project at work to clear the decks for the holidays. And holiday shopping. And parties. Aren't we all? But I also know that you are thinking about the New Year and how you are psyched to get a fresh start, get organized, get gorgeous... and I am here to help you! Here's your Starting Fresh To Do List: 1) Purge and Trim Down Your Closet: I think I know better than anyone (only because I have done it over 1,000 times) that when you pair down and have less in your closet, you actually have more to wear. Here's a post with some tips for pairing down, and let me add that now (before the holidays) it's time to get rid of any ratty tees, PJs or anything that is

Black & Blue

Can we just start with Jackie O? I mean, she picked up wearing black and navy together from some of the greats -- YSL and Chanel -- and took it to a whole new level. If you haven't tried it, you just must. It's the chicest combo and takes nearly no effort. Black, and navy is a combination for every age, every style, men and women alike. If you want to be chic beyond measure and look like you didn't even try... just wear a navy pant and a black blouse or sweater. Or reverse it. Try a navy suit with a black T or a turtleneck. Go on... My clients say... "Really? I can do that?" And the answer is an emphatic yes, yes, yes. You will get compliments every time. Text me when you do! x K #Personals

Slim Is In

Hey gents. This one's for you. It's all about your pants, which are essential to your life, so pay attention. No matter your shape or size or whether you're at your fighting weight or not, your pants need to be current. I know you've noticed those super slim cuts and have thought to yourself: Not me. But, here's a guide to help you do... better. Three fits for pants, driven by denim selections, are your options: the straight leg, the slim fit and the skinny. Let's unpack them here. The Straight Leg -- basically straight. You probably have an old version of these in your closet and you may even wear them regularly. The new ones are WAY better than the ones of yore. Of course, these are not my

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