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Half naked and ready for the plunge!

Well, amen and hallelujah! Leo DiCaprio has finally turned in his oversized cargo shorts for a trim swim suit and the Internet can't get enough. And not a moment too soon! If you won't listen to me, gents, take a page from Leo's book! He looks great! And you can too! I have a confession to make. I love to buy men's swimwear. It's a special gift of mine... and a passion. Maybe it's because I love the beach so much. And my love for this garment actually predates my son becoming a surfer... Needless to say, I am dying to help you find the right suit for the summer. I know that no one likes to shop for swim wear, but don't give up yet and please don't just buy any old thing. Trust me when I say

Men's shorts are hot!

Believe it or not the idea of men in shorts for more than a Saturday walk in the park can be a bit of a polarizing topic! But I am here to help you all relax and to try the latest in shorts for men of all ages and styles. Breathe! So, what's is everybody's problem with shorts? Some say men in shorts remind them of cute little Prince George. Others, me included, are tired of seeing men in cargo shorts, pockets overflowing with stuff. Oh dear. The key to looking great in shorts is simple. In a word: TAILORED! And there are no rules for length. Take your pick. You measure shorts just like pants, by the inseam and you start at 5" and go all the way to 11". Any option here is good. It just depend

Get in the Swim

Everyone I know hates shopping for swimwear. Period, end of story. And, you know what? It's not really your fault. The psychological timing is off. You always need to shop for a swimsuit on the heels of having been socked in all winter in snow boots and parkas. And, just when you are looking forward to the warmth of the sun, it hits you. Dread. Add to that the fact that stores where you might find one, especially department stores, have literally the worst lighting for trying on a suit. So, it's intimidating. Lighting like that can make even Gisele Bündchen look bad. So, what can we do to make this better? First of all, I can do it for you! (Sigh of relief.) I can bring you a spectrum of swi

Fragrance 101

Despite the recent flurry of flurries, I know spring is around the corner. I spy the tips of the crocuses popping through the hardened winter soil. What better time to think about fragrances than now, when we crave them the most? First of all, fragrances are personal. And personal is sexy. Gifting a fragrance can be very romantic and sensual. But it requires some knowhow, even if you are just buying it for yourself. And, it is, in many ways an important staple for your wardrobe. Depending on what you're wearing and where you're going, you might even want several. Or you may be a "signature fragrance" type. Let's find out! Let's cover some basics. First of all, there's a fragrance scale. From

Time to Downsize Your Bag

I love my big shoulder bag, but smaller bags are trending now. When I thought about downsizing, I experienced an involuntary shiver. Where would all my stuff go? How would my wallet fit? Then I thought again. With all my running around to stores from Harlem to Soho and from Williamsburg to Bergdorf's for clients, carrying a smaller bag would be so nice -- for my shoulders and my look. I had to give it a try. I started with my wallet and I survived. Now, I actually prefer a smaller wallet and designers have one chic one after another to choose from. My wallet fits my key credit cards, an ID and just enough cash. You know we don't need cash as much as we used to. And I still have enough room f

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