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The Jewelry Edit: An Original Clé D'Or Vlog

This is fun stuff, folks. Come with me into my client's closet and see how we separate the wheat from the chaff. Knowing what jewelry you should keep and what you should jettison can be challenging, but I can help... as I have done here. Take a look and you will see that she now has a focused and organized jewelry collection that really works for her wardrobe. And now, there's room for some fun additions! Let's do this for you! For more on jewelry, while we are on the topic, check out my other related posts: Make your jewelry personal. and Oh, man, I like your ring. x K

After the Prom-posal...

While the prom-posal is getting a lot of attention, the prom dress (and the girl in it) is still really the star of the night. Girls start thinking about the dress long before they think about who they will be going with. And, so, it deserves its moment in the spotlight. Shopping for a prom dress can happen in many waves, but when it comes right down to finding the perfect choice, anxieties run high. What should I wear? How long? What color? What is everyone else wearing? These days the girls from one class post their dresses on a closed chat group so there are no duplicates. And schools even have "unspoken" rules relating to length or color depending on your year in school. See, it's compli

Scrunchies & Claws

Certainly you remember Sex and the City's Season 6 assault and battery of the now infamous hair scrunchie mentioned in Carrie Bradshaw's boyfriend's novel, right? The minute she went nuts, nearly every scrunchie slid into hiding. Except during nighttime face washing, of course. Well, the scrunchie is having a revived public moment in 2018, which probably won't last long (plus, it's hard to do well and, well, still I feel a bit "ick" about them). So, here, I give you advice for putting your hair up (in public), especially now that spring (ahem, summer) has made us all need to get our hair off our necks! Let's think chic. And let's get prepared for it too. All you need in your pocket or your p

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