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Testifying Before the Senate: What to Wear

If you find yourself in the position of having to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee, you probably have a lot on your mind. First and foremost, what to say, how to say it, how to stay calm in the vortex of probing questions. But at the back of your mind, you also know you have to dress for the occasion. And that what you wear will have an impact on how you will be received. You will be -- your words and your look -- immortalized, together. Now, most of us will never find ourselves in this position, thankfully. But we all have our important occasions to think about, the ones where we have to perform or deliver important information and we all want to be taken seriously. The followi

And the Emmy Goes to...

If I were opening the envelope, it would have one word on it. PANTS! Pants are hot and the women are wearing them... yaas! Issa Rae looked absolutely stunning in Vera Wang's crystal-encrusted PANTS. Evan Rachel Wood wore black custom Altuzzarra to-die-for PANTS paired with an extra long jacket creating a train that when combined made me salivate. Leslie Jones donned a custom iridescent Christian Siriano pantsuit that brought pink and blue together in an inspired combination that put Sleeping Beauty's dueling fairies to shame. Nothing is better for the moment we are in than these powerful women in stunning pants... wearing the pants! Want to join this powerful parade? Let me know. x K

Boots on the Ground

It's coming. The crisp, cool air of fall and the rainbow of foliage that goes with it. Cue the sweaters, the jeans and, yes, the all important boots! Nothing puts more of a strut in a woman's walk than donning a new pair of boots. With boots, there are so many choices, that it's hard to go wrong. We've talked about your sneaker wardrobe and your jeans wardrobe, so now it's time to talk about your boots wardrobe. And, you're lucky, because there's a boot for every mood! Close your eyes and envision the line up: -- ankle boots (flat or with a heel) -- biker boots (so many options) -- hiking boots (not for hiking) -- a chelsea boot (definitely!) -- over-the-knee boots (ooh la la!) -- the shoe b

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