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Pack Like the French Do

Ladies and Gents! This is the third in a series about getting away. Once you've done all your shopping and wardrobe refining and refreshing, it's time to think about how to pull it all together for the trip. This is a conversation I have had with everyone -- even myself -- since my college days and right up until today. I have been practicing packing well for years and still my European friends laugh at me for packing too much stuff. It's true. You know it's happened to you at least 100 times. We pack too much and can barely get the suitcase(s) closed. Then we get there and say "I don't have anything to wear." I say, channel your inner French woman. First, you want to look fun and stylish ri

Time to Get Away

Ok, Gents! This is the second in a three-part series to get you all ready to get away for a while. Are you ready? Did you finish your fall and winter shopping yet? No? Well, we can get to that. Holiday parties are coming... Let's face it, you will probably need to escape from the cold at some point this winter. Whether this means surfing in Costa Rica, sailing in the Caribbean or yoga in Costa Carreyes, PLEASE try and keep up with your lady. She is getting ready to get away already. So, don't get left behind. And, if you are looking for a lady, you will really need to prep. This is not a drill. First piece of advice. Digging out last year’s logo'd tees (ahem, I know some are older than

A Resort State of Mind

Get ready, Ladies! This is the first in a three-part series to get you all ready for vacation time. I know you're busy overcoming post election stress -- no matter how your candidates did -- and digging in at work and thinking about the holidays... BUT, that is why I am here -- to make sure that someone is thinking about YOU! First, let's talk about resort wear for ladies. I know some of you are not ready for this. Some of you still need to get a hot new coat for the winter (ahem, send me a note). And some of you are doing that ostrich thang... thinking that if you ignore the fact that you will go on vacation either over New Year's or deeper into the winter season, and that the suitcase will

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