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Do You Need to Break Up with Your Makeup?

They say that breaking up is hard to do. But in this case, it's not, especially if you have me as your guide! No tears, I promise. As a matter of fact, I am pretty sure this will generate a feeling of personal joy as well as a ton of compliments. Here's the deal. We focus a lot on our clothes. What's in season, what's trending, what's hot now and how to modify current trends to look good on us. Right? But what's the first thing that someone sees? Here's a hint: it's not your shoes! It's your beautiful, unique face! Be honest with me (and yourself), are you still using the same makeup brands you used 5 years ago? Ten years ago? When you were a teenager? The same foundation? The same eyeliner

I Buy the Same Thing Over and Over and Over and Over.

I know you are nodding your head. And if you're not, you are probably in denial about it. We ALL do this. We can't help it. We are drawn to certain patterns or colors or styles. They evoke a memory, stoke an old fire or are just our favorites. What results when we follow our tendencies is that we have too much of a good (favorite) thing. I buy too much black. Dresses, pants, shoes, sexy tops. All black. I have to let Ana Wintour scold me in my head. She does not wear black. We do this for many reasons: Someone told us we looked good in it once You feel good in it for some reason You think it's the only thing you look good in You shop in the same store all the time You are afraid to shop and

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