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Man, oh Man, I Like Your Ring.

What do you think? Men and jewelry? I say, emphatically, YES! Any guy can pull off a good piece of jewelry. The key is that any piece -- a ring, a necklace or a bracelet -- should be congruent with your style and attitude. Men's jewelry has surfaced to become a really hot trend right now, let's see how you can try it out! When it comes to men's jewelry, you have to own it and have the attitude to pull it off. That's not to say you have to stock up your dresser with tons of bracelets and necklaces, you can keep it simple and classic if that suits you better. For example, Paul Newman was known for his signet ring and his signature chain with a medallion on it. Manly, right? Sexy as hell. You d

Denim on Denim on Denim

My clients ask me all the time: "I can't wear my denim jacket with my jeans, can I?" Are you still reeling from the Brittany/Justin Canadian tuxedo fiasco? Guess what? Its going down the run way right now! That 90's staple is back. A newer better version, yes. Updated for now. Truthfully, I've always loved it. Most of my clients have a chambray shirt as one of their staples, and seemingly everyone has a trusty denim jacket in rotation. Great jeans are the basics that a good wardrobe is built on. How do you wear these things together? It takes a little finesse. There are truly high fashion versions, don't think Bill the Plumber, think Cindy Crawford. I love them. Dark denim tunic over just th

It's All Personal

What you wear is personal. And so is working with a personal stylist and shopper. And it should be. We talk about what you want, how you want to look, about how you work and how you play, what's coming up in your life and what is behind you. Chances are in all that, we have a few laughs, too. When we do The Closet Edit, we take a journey down memory lane together. We see what you bought on vacation and how it's working for you... or not. Sometimes we will shop together. Other times I will shop for you and bring it to you. Then we will integrate the new items with what you have for a wardrobe that works great for you. I can't wait to work with you! x K

Use It or Lose It

Be honest, are you using ALL your clothes? Do you buy things, only to have them stare back at you from the hanger, going years before that one occasion where its finally “worth” breaking it out? If so, this blog post is for you so you can avoid the sinking feeling you can’t buy anything new because you don’t wear what you already have. This is a common refrain, one that I encounter early on with most of my clients, from bankers to power moms. My mantra: Use Your Clothes! A beautiful blazer is so much more than just a blazer. Could you wear it to a cocktail party? Yes, you can and SHOULD. That dress that’s “for the office” becomes something entirely new with an ankle boot and a Moto jacket. P

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