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Accessories, The Icing on the Cake!

New boots, New bags, New belts… Oh My! What is a girl to do? We’ve all been there: you get a new pair of boots, or that season's “it” bag, but then what? I hear it all the time. I love it, but how do I incorporate it? Integrating new pieces can be hard, especially if you’re straying from what you normally reach for (which is great)! More often than not, risk equals reward, especially with a little guiding help. First, I try not to have my clients add anything to their wardrobe that isn't multi-functional. I know, if its a bikini or a ballgown, you won't wear it every day. However, I don't believe in wasting money on something you'll only wear once. I say it to my clients all the time, USE YO

Goodbye Barneys, Hello Sale.. or Not?

Like most New Yorkers, I am stunned and saddened at the closing of our beloved Barneys. The New York retail icon has been sold to ABG and unfortunately the remaining stores will close. While this issue pales in comparison to our global context, for the fashion world, this is a tragic loss of a once cutting edge retailer. I have been reminiscing all weekend. My kids are sick of hearing bout it. Saturday afternoons in the 90's you got dressed, went to Barneys and never new who you would see in the Fashion Industry. Marc Jacobs, Azzedine, Alaia, snazzy execs perusing their wares and talking to staff. When I got married, I registered at Barneys. My wedding ring came from a famous Barney's jewelr

How Personal Can an Algorithm Be?

Personal shopping and styling is an art. Unfortunately, it's hard to navigate a marketplace where robots make it look so easy. Did one promise to send you the perfect size and most amazing pieces to complement your current wardrobe? Without getting to know you and without seeing what you already have in your closet? Beware. With the growth of subscription boxes (for make up, skin care products, wellness products, and most of all, clothing), the promise of a 'personalized' monthly box full of products just for you, that you don't even have to leave your house for, may seem too easy to pass up. While I know it's true that technology has been able to take over thinking in a number of areas - th

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