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Sustainable Shopping In An Unsustainable World

We are all trying to think of ways to do things better, smarter, and with less waste. No need to add guilt to all of the other emotions we are having. Luckily, there IS a way to update your wardrobe and feel that you are not harming the environment any further. First some facts. Fashion is the 4th largest polluting industry. Factory inspections have been lacking. This is most true in places like Bangladesh. Workers are exploited and child labor practices are terrible. Buying a cheaply made garment from certain regions of the world can be contributing to carbon emissions and underpaid workers. Now for some GOOD news. Things are getting better. More companies are being held accountable. We all

Time to Invest!

Investment pieces have never been more important! What am I talking about? I'm referring to those timeless items that upgrade every wardrobe. A basic white shirt and jeans look is elevated to a new stratosphere with the right bag and jewelry. This goes for the ladies and the gents. You may or may not be dressing more simply. Please see previous blogs for how I feel about that. Either way, investment pieces are items you can feel great about buying, keeping and using for a very long time. Forever pieces. Classic is never out of style. No matter how much I love edge and trend, there are days when I want to appear completely classic. (Notice I did not say plain.) The great thing about classics

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