Kriena Is Your Clé D'Or.

Clé D'Or (Golden Key) emerged as a leading and comprehensive personal shopping concierge service from the coming together of experience, talent, passion and joy for Kriena Nederveen. Kriena is a deeply seasoned fashion professional with decades of experience working for designers and launching brands. She deftly applies this experience and her magnetic Southern Charm to help you unlock your most personal and unique style to become the best, most attractive, most confident version of yourself.


Boutique Services.

Like a perfectly fitted dress, Clé D'Or's services are expertly tailored to fit your needs. It's fashion made personal for women and men alike. Everyone has their own special style, a look that is uniquely their own. Clé D'Or and its team of boutique stylists, led by Kriena Nederveen, can expertly unlock yours. With the keys to the City's best stores, boutiques and their fingers on the pulse of the hottest up-and-coming designers, you can transform your closet and your style, highlighting your inner beauty and have a blast doing it. The custom tailored services begin below, but the sky's the limit!

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the closet edit.

Sometimes it's hard to move forward until you have taken a deep look at where you've been. It's this way with your wardrobe too. With most all new clients, we start in the closet. What's current? What's classic? What needs to go? What about pieces that never get warn, but have sentimental value? At the end of a closet edit, we have a clear path forward together. Many items get a new life. You learn how to wear them in new ways. You find out what you need to maximize your wardrobe... from basic uniform elements to special pieces. The Closet Edit is an invigorating exercise and everyone feels like they have way more to wear once we do it and before we even begin to shop!

Shop Your Closet.

Shop Your Closet.

Let me unlock the secrets of the closet you have -- like going on a shopping spree without ever leaving your home. I know you have some fabulous things in there and I can help you put together a new wardrobe with everything you have. We can also pick out a few new pieces that will make your existing wardrobe work even harder for you. You will be surprised at how a new pair of shoes or even the right t-shirt can extend your wardrobe!

Unlock Your Personal Style.

Unlock Your

Personal Style.

You should look in your closet every day and be excited with the options you find for presenting yourself whether you have a business meeting, lunch with a friend, a day at the Met or a gala to attend. Let's find the perfect items to complement your current wardrobe to express your unique personal style.

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What To Wear.

You know what? You have great items in your closet. And with a few more, we can update your whole look. The key is how you put them together in new and interesting ways. Let me help you make arrangements! Got a busy two weeks with meetings, social events, a gala, a parent-teacher conference and your in-laws coming? Let me give you a menu of outfits that will be your recipe for success!


Pack Your Bags.

When you get away, it's time to relax and be your most beautiful self. And while you might need a few more things before you go, you definitely need to pack well. Daytime in sandals, nighttime under the stars. Touring a fantastic city. Even hiking in Patagonia. Let me help you pack the right things so you can look your best on the road less traveled.

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Fashion Concierge.

Whether you live here year round or you are just visiting New York City on holiday, let me unlock the secrets of shopping the greatest City in the world to help you curate your personal style. Just us or invite some friends! We can make a day of it with shopping, lunch and even an end-of-day champagne photo shoot! All events custom to your needs and desires.

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Something Special.

So maybe you're not going to start by thinking about your everyday fashion situation. It takes time to learn to put yourself first. But for a special occasion, you know you just need a little help to get it perfect. Getting married? Being honored? Got a big interview? Planning an unforgettable mother-daughter day? Taking the trip of a lifetime? Let's get started!


Beauty Concierge.

Well, once you are well dressed, you've got to finish the package. Best dermatologist, check. Hairstylist to the stars, yup. Organic facials, check. Best brows, yes. The only spray tan that looks like a Caribbean weekend, of course! Nails, definitely. I make it a priority to have the key to the City's best.


Shop Like No One Else.

Want to spend a day "shopping small," visiting those one-of-a-kind shops that will guarantee your unique look? What about finding that special something on the Lower East Side, the West Village or in Brooklyn? Now, that's hot. If you've got more of a wandering eye than that, Paris awaits. Just get out your passport and pack a bag!

Dress My Man.

Dress My Man.

There is no better accessory than a well-dressed man. Let's update his personal style to harmonize with yours. Head to toe help in a way that is comfortable for him and joy-inducing for you!

OR... Gentlemen! I love to help you dress for your career, your weekend, your every day needs. Don't think you can suit up for your 9-to-5 and then just wear sweats on the weekend. You know you deserve better than that! I can help you make it look like you did it yourself... but better.

Online Dating.jpg

On-Line Dating.

Yes, there are plenty of fish in the sea and most of them have a terrible on-line profile picture. Don't you want more swipe rights? Of course you do. And we can help. First stop, profile picture. Next, what to wear on three dates. You can take it from there. A few free tips from the blog.


Special delivery.

Don't feel like going out? Don't like shopping? Are you just too busy? After a first meeting or two, I can shop for you... without you and send you a selection of items to try on at home. I will even come over and show you how to wear them best with what you already have! 

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Fit for a Queen.

When we shop together, I will make sure we add items to your wardrobe that really fit your body and your style well. And sometimes that means tailoring. Having a good tailor counts, but having someone know just where a dress should hit you is essential. I will bet you have some things in your closet that could be transformed with a nip and a tuck!

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Let's get started. We can work by the hour for some services or on a retainer/commission basis for others. Every experience is customized to your needs and designed to fit your budget. Let me know how I can help you and I will design our plan.



Need a present for someone special? Help birthday and holiday shopping? Clothing, accessories, services, jewelry, home decor? Yes to all. Or just put your special someone in touch with me and I will help them find surprises for you!


Clé D'Or

Your personal style is important to me and I can't wait to get started. Whatever your goals, whatever your budget, I am ready.
xx K



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